Meet us at

In 2019 you can meet Bio-Connect at the following events:

1 February 2019

BACR Annual Meeting 2019
Antwerp, Belgium

14 February 2019
Innovation for Health
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

20 March 2019
7th OncoPoint symposium
Ghent, Belgium

20-22 March 2019
7th Intl. Workshop on Cancer Genetic & Cytogenetic Diagnostics
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

17 May 2019
12th Dutch Stem Cell Meeting
Utrecht, the Netherlands

24 May 2019
PhD Day Louvain Drug Research Institute (LDRI)
Brussels, Belgium

13-16 June 2019
24th Congress of EHA (European Hematology Association)
Invivoscribe booth
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

28 June 2019Immunometabolism meeting VUMC
Amsterdam, the Netherlands