The Japan Institute for the Control of Aging (JaICA) has conducted research into control of aging since its foundation with the goal of contributing health promotion. As a result, JaICA succeeded in developing a DNA oxidative damage measuring kit, thus taking the lead for this field. They now sell many research products related to oxidative stress. Such products are utilized in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, food sciences, etc. The Institute also performs assay services utilizing its unique technologies. Preventive medicine and anti-aging are receiving increased attention with the advancement of aging society.

JaICA develops and manufactures research reagents to detect oxidative stress markers for DNA oxidation, lipid oxidation, protein oxidation and antioxidants. The monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kits detect products of oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species.

JaICA is a part of AdipoGen Life Sciences, who also cooperates with a number of other manufacturers such as: AbFrontier, Ancell CorporationBioActs, BioViotica, Chemodex, Chimerigen Laboratories, Innaxon, South Bay Bio, and SYNkinase.

Major product lines

  • Oxidative stress markers
  • ELISA kits
  • Monoclonal antibodies
Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
JAI-MHH-030Nanti-4-Hydroxy-2-hexenal [4-HHE], mAb (HHE53)30 ug
JAI-MHN-020Panti-4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal [4-HNE], mAb (HNEJ-2)20 ug
JAI-MHN-100Panti-4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal [4-HNE], mAb (HNEJ-2)100 ug
JAI-MKC-020Nanti-7-Ketocholesterol [7-KC], mAb (35A)20 ug
JAI-MOG-020Panti-8-Hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine [8-OHdG], mAb (N45.1)20 ug
JAI-MOG-100Panti-8-Hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine [8-OHdG], mAb (N45.1)100 ug
JAI-MAR-020Nanti-Acrolein [ACR], mAb (5F6)20 ug
JAI-MAR-100Nanti-Acrolein [ACR], mAb (5F6)100 ug
JAI-MCA-030Nanti-Crotonaldehyde [CRA], mAb (82D3)30 ug
JAI-MBY-020Panti-Dibromo-tyrosine [DiBrY], mAb (3A5)20 ug
JAI-MDT-020Panti-Dityrosine [DT], mAb (1C3)20 ug
JAI-MHL-021Panti-Hexanoyl-Lys [HEL], mAb (5F12)20 ug
JAI-MMD-030Nanti-Malondialdehyde [MDA], mAb (1F83)30 ug
JAI-MMG-030Nanti-Methylglyoxal [MG], mAb (3C)30 ug
JAI-MNW-020Panti-Nitrotryptophan (NW), mAb (117C)20 ug
JAI-MTG-100Panti-Thymidine Glycol [TG], mAb (2E8)100 ug
JAI-KOG-200SE8-OHdG Check ELISA Kit1 kit
JAI-KOG-HS10E8-OHdG Check ELISA Kit (High Sensitivity)1 kit
JAI-CCA-020Calcium Colorimetric Assay Kit (Chlorophosphonazo-III Method)200 tests
JAI-CCA-030Calcium Colorimetric Assay Kit (O-Cresolphthalein Method)200 tests
JAI-CCU-400Copper Colorimetric Assay Kit (3,5-DiBr-PAESA Method)100 tests
JAI-KDT-010EDityrosine [DT] ELISA Kit1 kit
JAI-KHL-700EHexanoyl-Lys [HEL] ELISA Kit1 kit
JAI-CFE-005Iron Colorimetric Assay Kit (Ferrozine Method)100 tests
JAI-CFE-010Iron Colorimetric Assay Kit (Nitroso-PSAP Method)100 tests
JAI-CMG-035Magnesium Colorimetric Assay Kit (Xylidyl Blue-I Method)100 tests
JAI-KPA-050Total Antioxidant Capacity (PAO) Test Kit1 kit
JAI-CBC-800UIBC Colorimetric Assay Kit (Bathophenanthroline Method)100 tests
JAI-CZN-001Zinc Colorimetric Assay Kit (5-Br-PAPS Method)100 tests
JAI-OPF-010EUltra Filter Unit (MW cut off 10kDa)1 unit
JAI-OPNUCP1Nuclease P1 (from Penicillium citrinum)500 units

For more information, please visit: Adipogen-JaICA