LentiBrite EB3-GFP Lentiviral Biosensor

Catalog number: 17-10208
Brand: Merck
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Product specifications for - LentiBrite EB3-GFP Lentiviral Biosensor

Product group: DNA / RNA / Vectors
Category: Plasmid / vector
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 41106600
Storage instructions: Storage and HandlingLentivirus is stable for at least 4 months from date of receipt when stored at -80-¦C. After first thaw, place immediately on ice and freeze in working aliquots at -80-¦C. Frozen aliquots may be stored for at least 2 months. Further freeze/thaws may result in decreased virus titer and transduction efficiency. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTEReplication-defective lentiviral vectors, such as the 3rd Generation vector provided in this product, are not known to cause any diseas
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: Microtubules are dynamic cytoskeletal filaments comprising a core of tubulin subunits flanked by structurally and functionally distinct termini, termed the plus-end and minus-end. The dynamic instability of microtubules, consisting of cycles of growth and decay, occurs at the plus-ends and is mediated by a complex of microtubule plus-end tracking proteins (+TIPs). Key components of the +TIP complex are the end-binding proteins (EBs). Imaging of plus-end growth in live cells expressing EBs tagged with fluorescent proteins has contributed greatly to our understanding of microtubule dynamics. EMD Millipore’s LentiBrite EB3-GFP lentiviral particles provide bright fluorescence and precise localization to enable live-cell analysis of microtubule plus-end dynamics in difficult-to-transfect cell types.
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Synonyms: 17-10208; Merck (Millipore)