BioActs develops and provides new proprietary and classical bio-fluorescent probes, such as fluorescent dyes, optical materials for in vitro diagnostic products, near-infrared (NIR) materials and contrast agents for in vivo research. BioActs products are already extensively utilized as optical materials and probes in universities, research institutes and enterprises for basic and applied research in the fields of medical, pharmaceuticals and chemistry research.

Their fields of expertise include a broad range of biochemical labeling dyes (including Flamma® Fluor dyes or FSD Fluor™ dyes), cell analysis dyes (e.g. ApoFlamma®, CytoFlamma® or MitoFlamma®), in vivo imaging dyes (e.g. NpFlamma®, AngioFlamma®, NIR dyes or Bioluminescence dyes) or conjugated secondary antibodies. In addition, BioActs has a broad panel of nucleic acid labeling dyes, nanoparticles and beads and offers a full range of custom labeling services.

BioActs is a part of AdipoGen Life Sciences, who also cooperates with a number of other manufacturers such as: AbFrontier, Ancell Corporation, BioViotica, Chemodex, Chimerigen Laboratories, Innaxon, JaICA, South Bay Bio, and SYNkinase.

Major product lines

  • Labeling service
  • Cell analysis tools
  • Organelle and cell target-specific Imaging
  • In Vivo imaging tools
  • Labeling service
For more information, please visit: Adipogen-BioActs