AbFrontier's specialty is custom antibody manufacturing and custom development of cutting-edge products (incl. ELISA kits) in its own research center, creating highly specific and sensitive products using their original and best capture antibody technology. AbFrontier’s original initiative was concentrated on Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) pathway products, to offer cutting-edge ROS signaling and cytokine research reagents. However, their ongoing R&D activities expanded into areas such as neuroscience, serum proteins, and specific antibodies for post-translational modifications.

AbFrontier is a part of AdipoGen Life Sciences, who also cooperates with a number of other manufacturers such as: Ancell CorporationBioActs, BioViotica, Chemodex, Chimerigen Laboratories, Innaxon, JaICA, South Bay Bio, and SYNkinase.

Major product lines

  • Primary and secondary antibodies
  • Proteins
  • ELISA kits
  • ROS pathway products
For more information, please visit: Adipogen-AbFrontier