NxtGen 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF

The PromoCell 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF is a culture system developed for the standardized serial culture of cancer cell lines as tumorspheres/mammospheres. The formulation supports sustained cell proliferation allowing for serial passage of the 3D culture. Its serum-free and xeno-free formulation provides a culture environment devoid of all stimuli originating from non-defined materials. Tested with a variety of cell lines including U-87 MG, MCF-7, MDA-MB-231, HT-29, HT1080, HepG2, A-549, PAnc-1, LNCaP and A-431.

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Easy single-cell passage of human ES and iPS cells without rock inhibitors

Biolaminin 521 LN (LN521) is a full-length, human, recombinant laminin 521 cell culture substrate. It provides an optimal environment for feeder-free culture of human PSCs, MSCs and most anchoragedependent progenitor cell types under completely chemically defined, animal component-free conditions. LN521 renders a single-cell passage hPSC culture system that is medium independent and offers a weekend-free protocol. Importantly, the cells behave predictably, are homogenously pluripotent and karyotypically stable.

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Stem Cell Applications

OZ Biosciences supplies several solutions for stem cells applications:
• Enhancement of viral transduction - ViroMag, ViroMag R/L, AdenoMag
• Highly efficient DNA transfection - DreamFect™ Stem
• Easy mRNA transfection - RmesFect™ Stem
• Delivery of siRNA or miRNA - Lullaby™ Stem
• Transport of recombinant proteins – Pro-DeliverIN™ and Ab-DeliverIN™
• Senescence detection – Senescence kit
• Integrated Magnetic Immuno-Cell Sorting and Transduction - Viro-MICST™

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Netrin-1 for Generation of iPS Cells

Netrin-1 seems to be the 5th Element of classical iPS cell factors. Together with Netrin-1 the original factors Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 and c-Myc can produce 15 times more induced pluripotent stems cells (iPSCs) under specific culture conditions. This treatment did not affect the quality of cell reprogramming. Further research is ongoing for a better understanding of the mode of action of this protein in stem cell physiology to accelerate the development of clinically useful iPS cells.

AdipoGen Life Sciences provides Stable & Active Netrin-1 Proteins, described in: "Netrin-1 regulates somatic cell reprogramming and pluripotency maintenance" D. Ozmadenci, et al.; Nat. Commun. 6, ID7398 (2015)

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Glial-Mag transfection kit the new top selling product

Glial-Mag is designed to reach optimal transfection efficiency with microglial cell lines and primary cells. Glial-Mag kit is the association of a specific magnetic nanoparticles formulation (Glial-Mag reagent), issued from OZ Biosciences Magnetofection™ technology and a booster (Glial-Boost) designed to enhance transfection efficiency.

“Magnetofection is superior to other chemical transfection methods in a microglial cell line.” Smolders S. et al - J Neurosci Methods. 2018

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Design your own vector using VectorBuilder's platform

• Free Online Vector Design Platform
• Custom Vectors
• Virus Packaging
• BAC Modification
• Mutagenesis

15% Off your first order when using promocode: "Bio-Connect_15OFF" at www.vectorbuilder.com

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AdipoGen Product Highlights

AdipoGen Life Sciences has many quality products:
• IL-36gamma ELISA Kit (AG-45B-0008): Biomarker for Psoriasis
• VISTA (mouse):-COMP (mouse) (rec.) (His) (AG-40B-0181): An active form of a new Immune Checkpoint Protein
• anti-BAFF (mouse), mAb (blocking) (Sandy-2) (AG-20B-0063): Unique - Blocks BAFF activity in mice (in vivo)
• PD-1 (mouse) mAb (blocking) (1H10) (AG-20B-0075): Blocks PD-1 binding. Induces a rapid Activation and Proliferation of T Cells
• IL-1alpha (p18)(mouse) mAb (Teo-1) (AG-20B-0064): To detect cleaved mouse IL-1alpha
• NLRP3/NALP3 mAb (Cryo-2) (AG-20B-0014): Key Inflammasome Antibody

New Product: anti-mouse VISTA monoclonal antibody

This antibody is useful for in vivo and in vitro blocking of VISTA signaling
Identifying VISTA expressing cells via flow cytometry

Why is VISTA signaling important?
VISTA is a recently discovered immune checkpoint protein found at high levels on myeloid cells that infiltrated tumors. Preclinical studies with VISTA blocking antibodies have shown promising improvements in anti-tumor T-cell responses. As always Bio X Cell antibodies are specifically formulated for in vivo use and feature:

• > 95% purity
• Ultra-low endotoxin levels
• Preservative, stabilizer, and carrier protein-free

Anti-mouse VISTA is available in both InVivoMab and InVivoPlus formats!

Zebrafish-Validated Antibodies

As the leading manufacturer of zebrafish antibodies, GeneTex offers an extensive portfolio of reagents validated for use in this model system. GeneTex currently offers a continuously expanding catalog of reagents designed expressly for zebrafish research, with more than 450 newly developed zebrafish antibodies. These antibodies havebeen tested on zebrafish samples in a variety of applications including, but not limited to, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, and western blot.

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New Product: InVivoMAb anti-mouse CXCL9 (MIG)

Bio X Cell just introduced the new anti-mouse CXCL9 (MIG) (CatNo#BE0309). Formulated for in vivo use.

• Ultra-low endotoxin levels
• Greater than 95% purity
• High concentration (3-10 mg/ml)
• Formulated in preservative-free, carrier protein-free, and amine-free buffer

Available in 1, 5, 25, 50 and 100 mg sizes!

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Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibodies raised in rabbits have distinct advantages over antibodies produced in mice, including having a higher affinity and the rabbit immune-response is able to recognize epitopes that are non-immunogenic in mice. Thus, rabbit monoclonals are more specific and more sensitive antibodies than those produced in mouse. The rabbit monclonals are ideal for applications like IHC, IF staining and flow cytometry.

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Helix-IN™ DNA Transfection Reagent

Helix-IN™ DNA Transfection Reagent opens up new possibilities for addressing issues of classical transfection technologies. OZ Biosciences revolutionizes Polyfection with the design of Helix-IN™, a novel patented Cationic Hydroxylated Amphiphilic Multi-block Polymer (CHAMP™ Technology). This novel bi-functional co-polymer is biocompatible, ionizable, pH responsive and biodegradable.

Cellular stress is reduced, viability preserved and efficiency enhanced.

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ProSpec new in our portfolio

We would like to inform you that we have become the distributor of ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene.

ProSpec is a leading biotechnology company with over 20 years of extensive experience in recombinant protein production which result in a robust protein portfolio. With more than 6000 recombinant proteins, peptides and antibodies. The proteins are rigorously tested to meet the research and development demand for excellent quality and uncompromising biological activity.

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Mebiol® Gel PNIPAAm-PEG 3D Thermoreversible Hydrogel

Mebiol® Gel PNIPAAm-PEG 3D Thermoreversible Hydrogel from Cosmo Bio. PNIPAAm-PEG a block co-polymer of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and poly(ethylene glycol) for 3D Cell Culture and other applications.

Available sizes: 1 x 10ml, 5 x 10ml, 1 x 50ml, 5 x 50ml.

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Conjugated, Alpaca and Mass-Spec validated antibodies

Conjugated monoclonal antibodies for direct Western blot or staining eliminates need for secondary antibodies. However Alpaca secondary antibodies creating new possibilities in multiple labelling assays. Unique Mass Spec validated primary antibodies are also available.

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New Product: InVivoMAb anti-mouse CD16/CD32

Bio X Cell just introduced the new anti-mouse CD16/CD32 antibody, clone 2.4G2 (CatNo#BE0307). Perfect for use in flow cytometry staining to block binding of IgG to Fc receptors. Available in 5, 25 50, and 100 mg sizes!

The 2.4G2 monoclonal antibody reacts specifically with mouse CD16 (FcγRIII) and CD32 (FcγRII). It has also been reported to react non-specifically via its Fc domainto FcγRI. CD16 and CD32 are expressed on B cells, monocytes/macrophages, NK cells, granulocytes, mast cells, and dendritic cells. These receptors bind to the Fc portion of antibody-antigen complexes and play a role in adaptive immune responses. The 2.4G2 antibody is commonly used in flow cytometry staining experiments to prevent non-specific binding of IgG to the FcγIII and FcγII, and possibly FcγI, receptors prior to staining with antigen specific primary antibodies. The Fab fragments of the 2.4G2 antibody have also been used to block Fc receptors in vivo.

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Need for Primary Cell Culture Media?

Does your current supplier has delivery problems, will you start a new project with primary cells or just simply want to use high quality media? Use PromoCell's media for primary cells or stem and blood cells!

High-quality medium is vital for successful cell culture. Therefore, PromoCell adheres to strict quality standards and produces its medium only from raw materials from strictly approved sources. They also have invested a lot of effort in media optimization and have substituted serum by defined substances wherever possible. This ensures effective cell growth and avoids the unpredictable effects of indeterminate compounds.

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Notch Signaling Pathway

The Notch pathway plays an important role in many different processes in a wide range of tissues and deregulations in Notch signaling components have been associated with various human disorders such as cancer, immune disorders, developmental syndromes, stroke and cognitive symptoms. Other disorders affecting vertebral column such as scoliosis or the vasculature, hypertension and the developmental disorder Alagille syndrome are also caused by Notch defects.

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Protein extracts, lysates and tissue arrays

The availability of tissues to study proteins can be limited. We have the solution! We can provide you with total or membrane protein extracts / lysates from different tissues and species and with an extensive and unique collection of frozen tissue sections, paraffin tissue sections, and tissue arrays for human normal, diseased, and tumor tissue types.

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The BlotBot, an automated blot processor

If you are incubating and washing gels and blots on a regular basis and want to increase your productivity use the Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot®!

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Food Industry

Bio-Connect has an extensive portfolio of research products including antibodies, assay kits, bio-chemicals (e.g. inhibitors and standards), antibiotics, proteins, enzymes, biological samples, qPCR mixes, products for sample preparation/purification and food analysis, food safety tests and many more for different research area’s including metabolism, obesity, diabetes and food.

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6th edition of Stelvio for Life

On Saturday the 2nd of September, the 6th edition of Stelvio for Life took place. More than 300 participants ran, cycled or walked the custom trail which was adjusted due to the heavy snowfall and cold. For safety, it was decided to reach a turning point after 13 km at 2147 meters. After that, participants had to descend as opposed to the original edition finishing after 21.1 km at 2,758 meters. The distance was extended to 26 km and both the start and finish were on the village square in Bormio, where all our participants finished safely.

The participants collected almost € 600,000 for personalized cancer research. We would like to especially thank our Bio-Connect participants and of course our sponsors!

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Loading Controls GeneTex

Loading controls are used to ensure that equal amounts of each protein sample are loaded into the wells of an SDS-PAGE gel. Selecting a proper loading control whose signal remains constant under the tested conditions is essential in order to properly interpret the results of the western blot experiment.

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Antibodies to study Neurodegenerative Disorders

We offer an excellent catalog of high-quality antibodies from GeneTex to study the processes involved in neurodegenerative disorders (such as: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and prion diseases), the majority of which are validated for multiple applications.

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Atlas Antibodies in Neuroscience

The Atlas catalog offers a wide range of neuroscience antibodies, validated in neuro tissues and cell lines. Atlas Antibodies offers their neuroscience antibodies divided in five panels: antibodies involved in signaling, neural lineage markers, aging, neurodegenerative disorders and developmental processes.

Download the brochure here.

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New Product: Magnetofectamine O2 Transfection Kit

Magnetofectamine™ O2 is the new powerful and ideal transfection kit designed for primary and hard-to-transfect cells. The alliance of MTX transfection reagent and CombiMag leads to increased transfection efficiency, minimized toxicity and enhanced gene expression. Less nucleic acids used - Minimized toxicity. Reference.

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Bio X Cell bulk antibodies for in vivo research

With over 300 monoclonal antibodies covering a diverse range of research areas Bio X Cell is your source for purified bulk antibodies. Their reagent portfolio is specialized towards antibodies which are widely used for in vivo and in vitro antigen neutralization and pathway blockade as well as cell specific depletion. All Bio X Cell products are significantly discounted for customers from academia.

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HYPE-293 transfection reagent for Bioproduction

The new HYPE-293™ Transfection Kit of OZ Biosciences is dedicated to achieve High Yield Protein Expression in HEK-293, 293-S, 293-F or any 293-related cells growing in suspension. Scale-up to larger volumes for production of milligrams of protein per liter of cell culture is straightforward and easy with simple and cost efficient handling steps.

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New range of reverse transcription reagents

Solis BioDyne new FIREScript Reverse Transcriptase is a genetically engineered MMLV (Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus) based reverse transcriptase.

• 30 days stability at room temperature
• Fast and efficient, comparable to the best enzymes on the market
• Different formats available (mixes and kits)
• High working temperature up to 50°C
• High reproducibility
• For in vitro use only

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Checkit instant pipette verification

Verification on the spot. Evaluate the accuracy of your pipettes in seconds with Next Advance convenient Pipette Checkit® cartridges. Low-cost, fast, and easy to use, the Checkit can save money on calibration services while giving you the confidence that your pipettes are delivering accurate volumes. No more trying to read a tiny droplet’s weight on a high-precision balance.

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Immunometabolism & Inflammation research

AdipoGen Life Sciences develops and manufactures new products in the areas of cancer, immunology, (neuro)inflammation, metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity), stem cell biology and neurodegeneration. Major product lines are ELISA kits, (recombinant) antibodies, proteins, natural products and small molecules. AdipoGen is the expert in Inflammasome Signaling.

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Stelvio for Life

September 2nd 2017 the foundation Stelvio for Life organizes for the 6th time the climbing of one of the highest paved, most beautiful and most challenging mountains in Europe, the Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy.

If you also want to support our participants, please make a donation to the Bio-Connect team.

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GeneTex engages CRISPR/Cas9 technology to validate antibody specificity

At GeneTex, they continue to provide the research community with the highest quality and most stringently validated antibodies by engaging CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockout technology. In a collaborative effort with EdiGene, a company that generates knockout or genome-edited cell lines using an innovative CRISPR/Cas9 methodology, GeneTex will use lysates made from these cell lines for western blot assays to confirm target specificity of their antibodies. This constitutes the “Knockout” arm of their "Knockout/Knockdown validation" initiative.

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Sino Biological proteins, antibodies, genes, and ELISA kits

Sino Biological manufactures high quality research reagents for basic, translational, and clinical research. Their portfolio includes proteins, antibodies, cDNAs, qPCR primers and ELISAs with a focus on immune checkpoints, targeted and immunotherapy, virology, cytokines, CD antigens, FC receptors, enzymes and kinases, growth factors, signal transduction, and biomarkers.

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Bio-Connect your antibody supplier

Whether you are looking for a good antibody against your target, your current antibody is discontinued, out of stock or simply not working do not worry! Bio-Connect can help you to secure your supply of antibodies to continue your research. See here our antibody suppliers with their antibody strengths.

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AdipoGen ELISA Kits

AdipoGen ELISA kits for key biomarkers for metabolic syndrome, inflammatory diseases and cancer & autoimmune diseases. AdipoGen Life Sciences is the original manufacturer of many widely used and cited ELISA kits. AdipoGen Life Sciences is continuously developing ELISA kits for new targets which are of interest to the research community. The AdipoGen Life Sciences ELISA Kits allow reproducible results with low inter- and intra-assay variation, show high sensitivity and can be used for a broad range of sample types.

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SeqPure PCR Purification System

Biochain’s SeqPure PCR Purification System is designed for rapid and efficient purification of PCR products. The system utilizes paramagnetic bead technology to selectively bind DNA fragments 100 bp and larger in size. Simple washing steps will remove salts, primers, primer-dimers, nucleotides, and enzymes prior to elution of the purified PCR product. The SeqPure DNA Purification System is ideal for purification of DNA using either manual procedures or automated liquid handling instruments.

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Dual Role of TGF-β in Cancer Promotion and Suppression

Transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta signaling can have either tumor-suppressing or tumor-promoting effects in a cell- and context-dependent manner. The canonical Smad pathway is responsible for most of the TGF-β biological responses leading to tumor suppression (growth arrest, apoptosis, and prevention of immortalization) and tumor promotion (EMT, migration, invasion, and metastasis).

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Caspase Detection

A central component of the apoptotic process is a cascade of proteolytic enzymes called caspases. Caspases participate in a series of reactions that are triggered in response to pro-apoptotic signals and result in the cleavage of protein substrates, causing the disassembly of the cell. Caspases have been identified in organisms ranging from... Read more »»

Merck (Millipore) provides a wide range of caspase antibodies, inhibitors, proteins and assays to help detect and study caspase activation in apoptotic cells.

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Linking NAD+ Signaling & Cancer

Many and various NAD+-dependent signaling pathways regulate fundamental processes such as transcription, DNA repair, cell cycle progression, apoptosis, proliferation, survival and metabolism, which are linked to cancer development. NAD+-dependent signaling reactions involve the degradation of NAD, therefore permanent nucleotide resynthesis through different biosynthetic pathways is crucial for incessant cancer cell proliferation. Targeting the NAD metabolism, its synthesis and signaling pathways (PARPs, SIRTs, MARTs, CD38) show several effects on cancer cells and are therefore new and promising concepts for cancer treatment.

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Excellent PTEN Antibody

Phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate 3-phosphatase and dual-specificity protein phosphatase PTEN is best known as a negative regulator of PI3K/AKT signaling by dephosphorylating PIP3. However, its functional shadow is now known to extend beyond PI3K/AKT pathway inhibition to include PIP3-independent roles affecting cell migration and genomic integrity. In addition, loss of normal PTEN activity has repercussions not only for tumor cell proliferation but also for regulation of the tumor microenvironment. Thus, there are clearly new frontiers to be explored in the PTEN field.

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Atlas Antibodies in Breast Cancer Research

Atlas is very active in the field of breast cancer research. A wide range of their antibodies are used by scientists working to understand breast cancer. A selection of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies directed towards protein targets interesting for breast cancer research are P53, HER2, CD44, PGR and Ki-67.

Download the brochure here.

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